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Launched by Advanced Real Estate Services (ADRES), ThinkProp is a Dubai and Abu Dhabi-based real estate training institute that offers a diverse range of courses in partnership with the government and certified by the DMT in Abu Dhabi. ThinkProp offers affordable in-person and online courses, ensuring flexibility for its students, instructors and partners. The institute aims to develop a stronger real estate industry powered by knowledge, as part of their vision to become the trusted and specialized real estate-training institute in the UAE.

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Qualified Instructors


We offer in-person and online teaching methods, ensuring flexibility for students, trainers and partners.

Qualified Instructors


ThinkProp’s courses are certified, allowing trainees to become legal real estate practitioners.

Qualified Instructors

Quality and expertise

ThinkProp’s instructors are reputable industry experts.

Our instructors

Vitaly Berezka PropTech ambassador MENA & APAC @ PlanRadar | Building Digital Solutions for Real Estate | Civil Engineer | Speaker | Mentor

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