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Waqar Hasan

  • IREM Trainer | NAR Member


Waqar Hasan is a prominent figure in Dubai's dynamic property management sector. In 2010, he established the Itihad Community Management (ICM), addressing the escalating needs of Dubai's real estate market. Building on this success, Waqar founded the Waqar Hasan Real Estate (WHRE) firm in 2020. As an approved IREM trainer and an esteemed member of the Institute of Real Estate Management's (IREM) International Advisory Council, he seamlessly integrates global best practices into his endeavors. Waqar further solidifies his presence in the industry as a dedicated member of the National Association of Realtors (NAR).


Waqar’s impactful journey in the real estate industry unfolds through his multifaceted roles in key organizations. His engagement with the International Advisory Council and as an approved IREM trainer positions him as a vital contributor to shaping international standards for property management education through IREM. In 2022, Waqar assumed the presidency of the Community Associations Institute Middle East (CAIME), also serving as a Board Member, where his guidance has been instrumental. Holding the position of Vice Chair at the Dubai Chamber's Property Management and Brokerage Business Group, he utilizes his expertise to influence the future trajectory of property management and brokerage in Dubai.


Waqar's commitment to training and development is evident in his practical and engaging sessions, establishing him as a highly respected real estate and community management instructor. As a professional speaker at industry conferences and the author of "A Practical Guide to Community Management," he extends his practical experience and insights to a broader audience. Waqar Hasan's unique blend of practical expertise, educational contributions, and leadership positions cements his status as a notable expert and mentor within the realm of real estate.

Courses taught by Waqar

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