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Can I download the course materials? Arrow

Upon joining a course and attending the classes, ThinkProp will share certain documents, including fact sheets, a course summary, key takeaways, and more. These will cover the course's main topics useful for your ongoing professional career.

Once you register for a course on ThinkProp, you will have access to the student portal to view your course. However, no additional activity will be required once the course is completed. 

Once you have completed your course training and passed the examination by meeting the minimum passing score, your certificate will be issued to you by email. It will also be available in the student portal. You must update your account details to ensure the certificate displays all information correctly.

Upon completing a certification course, students will have the opportunity to take an examination. ThinkProp provides students up to two attempts to achieve the minimum score required to pass the course. In the case that the student is still unable to pass, ThinkProp provides a third attempt for AED 500. If the student still does not achieve the passing score by the third attempt, ThinkProp requests that the student enroll in the course again.

Students may enroll for as many courses as they would like, as long as the dates and timings do not overlap (virtual and face-to-face training courses). 

There are specific requirements that may be applicable depending on the course. These could include several years of work experience, previous education, previous licenses, etc. The specific requirements for each course will be outlined on the course page. Please ensure that you meet the minimum requirements to enroll successfully. 


How do I change my account details? Arrow

To update/change your account details, please click on the profile icon at the top of the page. This will open a login page for you to enter your email address and the password you created. Once logged in, you will be able to view MY ACCOUNT, where you can update your accounts details and fill out any of the missing mandatory fields.

To change language preference of the ThinkProp website, please click on the Language icon (English/Arabic) at the top of the page. Currently only English and Arabic are available, but we will be adding more languages in the future.

General Questions

What is ThinkProp? Arrow

ThinkProp is a Real Estate Training Institute based in the emirate of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. We provide flexible learning courses and trainings through a combination of partnerships with experienced instructors and internal knowledge across real estate professions. Our aim is to build and improve the Real Estate Ecosystem in the UAE and Middle East, promoting knowledge and professionalism in line with the latest regulations.

It is possible to enrol in our courses even if you are based outside of the UAE. However, our certification courses are tailored towards the Abu Dhabi market for the time being, with plans to expand across the Middle East in the near future. Other courses which are not certification based are open to anyone within and outside of the UAE.

Yes, ThinkProp is authorised by the Department of Municipalities and Transportation (DMT) of Abu Dhabi, UAE.

It is possible to enrol in a course if you don't currently hold an Emirates ID. However, in order to get an official license after taking the course training with ThinkProp, and Emirates ID is required. For all other courses which are not licensed based, anyone is free to register.

If the course you have registered for will conclude with a digital official certificate from ThinkProp, then you will have the ability to become officially licensed in Abu Dhabi. Some courses offer UAE based certification, and some are specific to Abu Dhabi. Please review the course overview prior to enroling to ensure it suits your requirements.


What is ThinkProp's refund policy? Arrow

For all matters related to refunds, please visit our Terms of Service page on the ThinkProp website for details.

After selecting the course training you would like to register in, you will find a REGISTER option on the course page. This will include the details of the course. Once you choose to enrol, the page will take you to the checkout page where you can register your details and confirm your purchase to be officially enrolled. After payment is complete, you will have full access to the student portal to view your upcoming course details.

Currently in order to enrol in a course, the payment was be done through the ThinkProp website. Payment is made online by debit/credit card. If for whatever reason, as a student or company, you are not able to make online payments, please email [email protected].

Once your payment has been successfully completed on the ThinkProp website, you will be redirected to a Thank you page. At the same time, after your purchase, you will receive a receipt of your payment to the email address you registered with on checkout.

Installments are available via our partner Tabby, where the payments can be over 3-6 months providing flexibility to our students in their continuing education.requirements.

Customer Service

How can I contact ThinkProp for support? Arrow

ThinkProp customer service is available to support our students, instructors and any other users. We can be reached via WhatsApp, Social Media channels and email ([email protected]). Our working times are from Monday - Friday, 9 AM to 6 PM. We aim to get back to your messages within 48 hours.

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