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Raafat Radi Elias

  • EHS Specialist | Engineering Professional


Raafat Radi Elias is an EHS Expert based in the USA. He holds a Bachelor of Civil Engineering from Alexandria University and postgraduate diplomas in Occupational Health and Safety, and Environment from the UK. With certifications as an Auditor of Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment management systems, Raafat is also a certified trainer and lecturer for HSE courses. His expertise spans civil and structural engineering, and he is recognized as a certified Occupational Health and Safety professional in both the UK and the USA.


Raafat Radi Elias brings over 30 years of experience to his role as an expert in health, safety, environment, and quality. His extensive background includes consultancy work in civil engineering, quality management, and occupational safety and environment. Raafat is a member of several international and regional institutes, further highlighting his standing in these fields.

Throughout his career, Raafat has been recognized by various international councils, institutes, and government departments for his expertise. He specializes in developing comprehensive EHS management systems, codes of practices, strategies, and frameworks, often incorporating assurance tools to ensure effectiveness and compliance. As a consultant, lecturer, and certified trainer, Raafat has played a vital role in advancing safety standards and promoting best practices in the industry.

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