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AbdulKareem Alhosani

  • Real Estate Entrepreneur


With a career spanning 21 years, Eng. AbdulKareem is a highly competent professional in the construction industry. His awe-inspiring architectural work has earned him a prominent reputation and made him one of the most well-known names in the field.


AbdulKareem is a confident and passionate individual who strives for excellence and modern development, which has qualified him for various prestigious positions in the Sharjah government, including Director of Government Contracts and Tenders, Director of the Department of Urban and Mosque Establishments, and chairman of multiple committees. He has received numerous governmental and international awards recognizing his exceptional work in the field. AbdulKareem's expertise has led him to conduct various administrative and technical training seminars, as well as participate in interviews across various media platforms such as television, radio, and social media. He excels in communicating and explaining complex concepts with a distinguished approach, which has allowed him to reach a wide audience base and further establish his notable influence in the field.

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