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Mark Sclaire

  • Founder, MS Sales Training & Motivation


Mark Sclaire, a seasoned sales professional with over 20 years of experience in the Sales Industry, brings a unique blend of sales expertise and a deep understanding of the Middle Eastern market. He prioritizes trust and long-term client relationships, delivering consistent value every day.


As an active salesperson, Mark's real-life experiences inform powerful training solutions that address sales professionals' unique challenges. His expertise spans diverse sales industries and sectors, making him adept at empowering businesses in B2B and B2C realms with essential sales skills, effective structures, and processes. Beyond sales, Mark's passion lies in restoring the industry's glory and empowering salespeople to excel and provide for their families.

With a focus on trust and enduring relationships, Mark delivers consistent value and practical solutions that resonate with sales professionals' unique hurdles. His expertise covers essential sales areas such as consultative selling, client relationship cultivation, sales structure implementation, customer journey mapping, negotiation, and motivation. Join a community of driven professionals and unlock your full sales potential with Mark's guidance.

Courses taught by Mark

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