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Michel Sabbagh

  • Real Estate Trainer | Marketing Strategist


Michel Sabbagh brings over 40 years of experience in various key roles within Management, Marketing, Sales, and Business Development for both multinational and regional organizations. Throughout his career, he has demonstrated expertise in advertising, branding, promotion, public relations, channel management, event planning, and driving business growth. Michel's extensive experience has proven instrumental in achieving optimal brand exposure, recognition, revenue generation, and return on investment.


Recognized for his exceptional business analytics, marketing strategies, sales acumen, technological proficiency, and field expertise, Michel Sabbagh has been responsible for negotiating and securing the best business deals with media outlets, partners, channels, suppliers, and distributors across the Middle East and French-speaking Africa.

Drawing upon his solid background in technology, electronics, and mechanical engineering, Michel has consistently showcased his innovative mindset as a creator and designer of smart solutions in multiple domains.

Michel Sabbagh's broad skill set, coupled with his wealth of experience and drive for innovation, have contributed to his success as a versatile professional in the field of management, marketing, sales, and technology.

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