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Sawan Karia

  • Head of Broker Channel, Huspy


Sawan Karia is currently the Head of Broker Channel at Huspy, the largest mortgage intermediary in the UAE. In this role, he is responsible for leading a team of mortgage professionals and ensuring the smooth functioning of the broker channel. With his extensive experience in the mortgage industry, Sawan brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his position.


His background in various mortgage-related functions, including origination, underwriting, processing, servicing, and compliance, allows him to provide valuable insights and guidance in the dynamic mortgage market of the UAE.

Sawan's ability to adapt to different markets, as demonstrated by his previous experience in the regulated mortgage market of the UK and his successful transition to the UAE, further showcases his versatility and adaptability. As the Head of Broker Channel at Huspy, Sawan Karia plays a crucial role in shaping the mortgage industry in the UAE and ensuring the delivery of quality mortgage advice within a regulated framework.

Courses taught by Sawan

  • Time icon 5 Hours

  • Level icon All Levels

  • Type icon Virtual

  • Language icon English

AED 749

without VAT

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