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Khaled ElAhmad

  • Social Media Strategist | Founder, Mujtama.AI


Khaled ElAhmad is a distinguished consultant, speaker, author, and Founder/CEO of Mujtama.Ai, an innovative AI platform designed to help job seekers enhance their career opportunities by optimizing their online presence.


Holding a Master’s degree in Management from Faulkner University, USA, Khaled began his journey in the realm of social media and digital innovation as the Digital Media Director at the Prime Ministry of Jordan in 2010. He then led the establishment of the social media department at Zain Jordan, the country’s leading telecom company, and spearheaded its digital transformation over the course of seven years.

Recognized as a top social media strategist and influencer, Khaled has trained over 15,000 marketing executives and assisted more than 350 businesses in honing their digital strategies. His expertise in the field has earned him notable accolades, including the Top Social Media Strategist Award in Bahrain in 2015 and the Influencer of the Year in 2016 by TheLivingWell magazine.

Khaled’s knack for community-building led him to co-found the Amman Tech Tuesday monthly tech meetup in 2010, establish in 2006, and create Top100Arabs in 2012. Although the latter had to be shut down after the sale of Klout, his initiatives have always had significant impacts in the tech community.

In 2019, Khaled became a published author with his debut book “Shusmo,” narrating his journey into personal branding. This was accompanied by his riveting TEDx talk at Jordan University on “The Role of the Arabic User in the Digital Sphere.”

From 2020, he became a sought-after expert on LinkedIn strategies, helping organizations optimize their B2B engagement on the platform. He also guided individuals in building their personal brands on LinkedIn, thus transforming hundreds of professional profiles.

Today, Khaled is leading Mujtama.Ai as its Founder and CEO. Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, this platform is revolutionizing the job market by helping job seekers elevate their career prospects through an optimized online presence. With this latest venture, Khaled continues to stay at the forefront of digital innovation, making a significant difference in the professional lives of many. His story stands as a testament to his dedication to uplifting others and shaping the digital landscape for the better.

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