Why Buy Property in Abu Dhabi?

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Abu Dhabi is a spectacular desert city with many perks, from cosmopolitan culture to rapid growth and development. Whether you're buying a house or looking for property investment opportunities - why not make Abu Dhabi your next move?


A Vibrant Community

Abu Dhabi is a center for international immigration. Residents of the city enjoy a life filled with endless opportunities to explore and embrace diversity. Whether trying a new cuisine or meeting someone from an entirely different background - you can always find something that will keep your spirit alive! If adventure drives you, then come experience all the wonders this city has to offer; it won't disappoint.


Unbeatable Safety

According to the Numbeo Safety Index, Abu Dhabi ranks as the world’s safest city and has held that position for six consecutive years. Thanks to dedicated law enforcement agencies and 24/7 cameras monitoring main roads, crime rates remain impressively low. In addition, a safe city encourages further development and attracts residents from around the world. Whether you’re buying a house that’s a luxury property or for property investment, you can rely on the area being safe.


A Family-Friendly City

With homes being attainably priced, exceptional safety, and communities centered around amenities that accommodate high-quality family living, buying a house for you and your family in Abu Dhabi is a great choice. Gated communities such as Mayan Yas Island, Saadiyat Lagoons, and Al Ghadeer Community have excellent schools like West Yas Academy, offering an American curriculum, plus branches of British-based Al Dar academies.


Abu Dhabi’s master plan developments have new houses that are designed around convenience and easy access to services and retail. Hypermarkets, supermarkets & minimarkets like Carrefour, Waitrose & Spinneys are positioned, so you're never too far from what you need.


Lastly, with an abundance of beaches, natural parks, theme parks, and world-class malls, there are plenty of kid-friendly activities to engage the family outside the home.


Prosperous Industry

Abu Dhabi's impressive industrial landscape and financial incentives have earned it the reputation of a premier destination for foreign investments. Companies flock to its free zones, such as Masdar, KIZAD, and ICAD - where they enjoy full ownership rights with no tax liability on imports/exports or profits! This has helped Abu Dhabi solidify itself as an economic powerhouse in the region. Local industry growth contributes to Abu Dhabi's booming and attractive economy. Today, Abu Dhabi’s booming economy has lead to an influx in property investment and luxury property development.


A Cultural Center

When it comes to culture and creativity, Abu Dhabi offers an abundance of intriguing activities. From religious festivals that embrace the city's rich heritage to breathtaking displays from global talent - there is something for everyone.


Louvre Abu Dhabi stands at the heart of this cultural scene. It boasts intricate architecture paired with remarkable artworks spanning centuries-old human history by masters such as Vincent Van Gogh, Paul Gauguin, and Leonardo da Vinci. For those looking for more, there is Al Qattara Arts Centre, Cultural Foundation, Manarat Al Saadiyat, and the upcoming Guggenheim Museum.


A Growing Real Estate Market

Abu Dhabi is a city of opportunity with booming demand. The oil sector is driving employment, and residence visa reforms, making it easier for international citizens to call Abu Dhabi their home, are driving property demand. The UN projects that Abu Dhabi will have over 1.2% annual population growth for the next ten years. With population and employment growth, plus Abu Dhabi's unique lifestyle offerings, the city presents an excellent opportunity for both buying a house and property investment.


A Variety of Property Buying Options

Property buyers have options from new houses like affordable suburban villas to city center condos to luxury property island residences. As a result, Abu Dhabi's property market caters to a variety of options for families buying a house, individuals seeking property investment, and residents of all life stages.


Abu Dhabi is the ideal location for those looking to buy a home or investment property in a safe, prosperous, and vibrant city. With its family-friendly lifestyle, new houses, luxury property, and wealth of investment opportunities, it provides something for every kind of buyer.

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