Health and Wellness Trends are Reshaping the Real Estate Industry

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The health and wellness sector has been experiencing exponential growth in recent years, and the global wellness industry is estimated to reach $7 trillion by 2025. Now, this trend is significantly influencing the real estate industry in Abu Dhabi and around the world. In particular, the increasing awareness and interest in living a healthy lifestyle are changing how people choose to live, work, and play and, therefore, how they buy real estate. As a result, real estate developers and architects are adapting their designs to cater to this growing demand for health and wellness features.


Let’s dive into how the health and wellness trends are reshaping the real estate industry.


Health and Wellness in the Home

One of the most noticeable internal factors is the use of architecture to create spaces that let in natural light and provide open space. Natural light has been shown to positively affect mental health, and spaces with ample light and airflow can help reduce stress and anxiety. Additionally, open spaces create a sense of freedom and relaxation, promoting a healthier mindset. Architects of new developments are meeting property buyer demand by incorporating large windows, skylights, and open floor plans to create a brighter and more open living environment.


In addition to natural light and open spaces, buyers are looking for air and water filtration systems. With concerns about air pollution and water quality increasing, property buyers are more aware of the need for clean air and water. Buildings with advanced filtration systems can provide a healthier living and working environment, reducing the risk of respiratory and other health problems. Furthermore, properties that include these features are often more desirable to property buyers and tenants, so they usually demand higher prices and can be more profitable investments.


Health and Wellness in the Community

Externally, many developers are incorporating gyms, fitness centers, and other recreational facilities into their properties. Exercise is a crucial component of a healthy lifestyle and having easy access to workout facilities is becoming a top priority for many buyers and renters. As a result, properties that offer a range of fitness options, including outdoor spaces for yoga and meditation, are becoming increasingly popular.


Because buyers want more outdoor space outside their homes, developers are prioritizing green spaces and walkability, with many projects including gardens, parks, and trails. Green spaces can provide a more relaxing environment while also helping to reduce air pollution. Access to recreation is also important for those interested in real estate in Abu Dhabi. Developers recognize the value of outdoor spaces and green areas, creating more parks and public spaces that meet homeowners' and tenants' preferences for physical activity and relaxation. Properties that offer easy access to walking and biking trails, beaches, and other natural areas are highly sought after, especially by those looking for a healthy, active lifestyle.


The influence of the health and wellness sector on real estate is growing. Increasingly, you will find properties being designed around a healthier lifestyle with easy access to recreation. Additionally, developers and architects are incorporating natural light and well-lit and ventilated spaces. As this trend continues, we can expect to see even more innovative designs and features that promote a healthier, happier lifestyle in real estate throughout Abu Dhabi.




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