4 tips to become a successful Real Estate Broker

Becoming a real estate broker in Abu Dhabi and the UAE is a highly sought after profession. With a booming property market, certified licensed real estate brokers can benefit from increased exposure and ultimately increased sales.

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Working in the real estate is challenging however it is also a blessing if you were able to know how to attract the customer and when to attract them. Here are 4 tips for you to follow so that you become successful in a very short period:


Know your customer

Before approaching any customer, you need to know what you are selling, if it is a studio probably your prospects will be university student, short term renters, single customers. Knowing your customer’s needs, budget and their comfort location well will help you offer them the best accommodation within their budget for them.


Behave as a consultant rather than a salesman 

Prospects appreciate real estate brokers that advise them for what suits them best and not giving them random expensive options just so they sell the prospect and take the commission.


Be honest and straight to the point 

Having an honest and straight to the point broker will be make the customer more reliant on the broker then a broker who market a property as if it is the best property served without mentioning the flaws that have.


Follow up after-sales

Once the deal is closed, and to win this customer it would be great to follow up after the deal by asking if they got what they were expecting and if everything is good from their end. This will help you retain those customers in the renewal when it comes to renting or by being recommended to someone else incase if you were selling houses.

Applying all the above tips will help you achieve your targets not only this year but for the upcoming years ahead.

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