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Sonja Erakovic

  • Head of Brokerage Management, Aldar


Sonja Erakovic, the Head of Broker Management at Aldar Properties, is a highly regarded figure in the real estate industry, boasting more than two decades of expertise. With a background as an alumna of Sorbonne University, Sonja stays at the forefront of her field by staying well-informed about the latest innovations, advancements, and best practices.


Her role as Head of Broker Management encompasses various responsibilities, including overseeing broker relationships, managing investments, conducting thorough market analysis, spearheading market expansions, and driving international sales efforts.

Sonja's keen understanding of broker management strategies and investment analysis allows her to make informed decisions that maximize returns and drive growth for Aldar Properties.

In addition to her remarkable professional achievements, Sonja Erakovic is driven by a strong commitment to self-development and empowering women in the workplace. Her dedication to personal growth and professional excellence sets her apart as a role model for others in the industry.

Through her leadership and expertise, Sonja Erakovic continues to raise the bar and set new standards within the real estate industry. Her unwavering drive, knowledge, and commitment to empowering others contribute to her ongoing success and influence within the field.

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