Finding Your Perfect Apartment in Abu Dhabi

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Abu Dhabi is an incredible city and a fantastic place to live. It is a city with vibrant nightlife, beautiful architecture, stunning views of the gulf, world-class museums, and much more. City dwellers have many options when it comes to their housing as well. There are countless properties to choose from at any given time, which is excellent, but finding the perfect one for you can be challenging.


When looking for your next home in the city, consider the amenities you want, but keep your current life stage in mind. Singles, married couples, and families will have vastly different needs and wants, and few decisions affect your day-to-day life as much as where you live, so it is a decision you will want to get right.


Apartment Hunting for the Young Professional

Many expats from around the globe land great jobs in the city and move here either short term or decide to set down roots and stay for many years. Apartment hunters in this stage of life generally have a unique set of needs that should be considered before signing a lease.  


A single professional in the city usually wants a studio or one-bedroom apartment. If they are sure they want to settle here long term, a small flat may be the best option.


Commutes in Abu Dhabi tend to be a little easier than in similarly sized large cities, but most residents will want to consider location and commute times. A good strategy is to narrow down your search to apartments within a specific travel time from your office if you know you will have to commute to the office daily.         


Many areas have vibrant nightlife, and if that appeals to you, looking there for your next apartment may be a good starting point. A quiet neighborhood might be your best option if you prefer more low-key evenings. Abu Dhabi has many recreational activities available on the water and elsewhere, and if that is your style, choose something near there.


The Bridges on Reem Island, just off the mainland, is a popular place to live for young professionals in Abu Dhabi. Featuring a gym, pool, and other great amenities and set along a stunning canal promenade, those living there will be sure to enjoy all the city has to offer.


Options for the Newly Married

Married couples will likely want a bit more space for their current situation and perhaps to leave room for the future. An extra income can also allow for a bit more space and luxury.


Many workplaces are still allowing employees to work from home. If that is the case for one or both of you, you will want space for a home office. Working and living in the same area can start to feel restrictive after a while, so having a dedicated office, even a small extra bedroom, is necessary.


Consider your personalities as well. Abu Dhabi tends to attract people who enjoy activities such as nightlife, fine dining, and similar activities. If that is the case, many neighborhoods are available with dozens of great nightclubs and restaurants. For others, a quieter neighborhood, or at least an apartment on an upper floor of a highrise, high above the commotion, may be a better option.


Eastern Mangroves is an excellent building for those who want to live by the water and enjoy those outstanding ocean views. Taking inspiration from both the desert and sea and set among great retail spaces and Eastern Mangroves national park, living here will provide both a great opportunity to enjoy the nightlife and get a little peace at the same time.


Whatever your preference, there are many options available around the city that are perfect for married couples.


Apartment Hunting for the Growing Family

If you are one of the many city residents setting down roots and starting a family in Abu Dhabi, there are many great options for living space. You will certainly want a larger place so you, your spouse, and your child will have plenty of room to live and decompress after a stressful work day.  


An extra bedroom is necessary for a child’s nursery and eventual bedroom. A third bedroom is often needed as well for a home office or guest space for grandparents or others who come for a visit.


As for location, consider commute times not just to the office but for the child’s school and extracurricular activities. Many after-school and recreational activities are available for children in Abu Dhabi, and most parents will want to take advantage of that. Keeping commute times down will decrease the already high stress level associated with parenthood.


The Gate Towers at Al Reem Island is another excellent place for families to live. It is especially safe, quiet, child-friendly, and close to Carrefour and Al Fay Park.


Growing a family can be stressful and challenging, but also the most rewarding thing many people do in their lifetimes. Abu Dhabi is a fantastic city for families and has many apartment buildings and villas that will satisfy your needs.


Continuing Your Search

While searching for your next new home in Abu Dhabi, there are dozens of other superb buildings to choose from. If you like living by the water, we recommend checking out Canal Residence or the City of Light Building on Reem Island. It is an excellent property near a mix of commercial and retail space and has options available that will be a perfect fit for those in any life stage.


If being on the mainland or closer to the airport fits your lifestyle better, another great option is The View in Shatie Al Raha. There are many more available as well.         


All of these buildings are ready to move in and will make the perfect place to call home, whether you are in the city for a year or plan on staying here permanently.

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