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The UAE's thriving real estate market will experience exponential growth in the following years. Therefore, ThinkProp Institute is maintaining its commitment to providing agencies and professionals with real estate accreditation, which will help to reinforce real estate trust.


This accreditation presents itself as a benefit for real estate professionals because more prestigious institutions attest to ThinkProp's commitment to offering the highest quality training.


What does accreditation mean?


Accreditation is one way of ensuring added value to any certificate, whereby a reputable organization awards accreditation to the existing training programs after duly assessing their operating procedures. Hence, ThinkProp is always keen on strengthening its certified professionals’ portfolio by striving for accreditation.


For that reason, ThinkProp is proud to announce its cooperation with two titans of the real estate industry: Fédération Internationale des Administrateurs de Biens Conseils et Agent Immobilienrs "FIABCI," and the International Accreditation Organization "IAO."


The added value to ThinkProp's certified professionals


ThinkProp’s value of credibility is further reinforced as this accreditation showcases the alignment of ThinkProp’s trainings with international training standards. Graduates of ThinkProp receive accredited certificates signifying that they have become legal real estate professionals whose training is recognized as complying with international standards.


The accreditation also comes in as a testament to the sound methods utilized by ThinkProp’s instructors, who are reputable experts.


FIABCI and IAO, being respectable worldwide networking organizations heavily engaged in sharing real estate knowledge and expertise, encourage institutes that train on real estate to adopt flexible training methods. Therefore, ThinkProp reiterates its value of flexibility that stresses offering in-person and online teaching methods, which comes in handy for ThinkProp's students, trainers, and partners.


Impact of the cooperation on the UAE real estate sector


The added value and impact of the aforementioned cooperation on the real estate sector in the UAE manifests itself in two distinct ways for each of the above accreditors.

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