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The THINKPROP Real Estate Training Institute, which is sponsored by Advanced Real Estate Services (ADRES), is hosting a free online workshop on the "Basics of Housing Construction" for individuals interested in building their own home.


The workshop, led by construction expert Eng. Abdulkareem Al Hosani, will cover the important steps of home construction from planning to execution and offer attendees guidance on required documents, selecting a construction partner, designing a house, and important clauses in a home contract agreement.


The workshop, which aligns with the Institute's mission of spreading real estate knowledge and providing training courses in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi to expand and develop the real estate sector, will take place on June 15th. Moath Maqbol, the General Manager of ADRES, highlighted that the workshop aims to raise awareness about the real estate industry and support its growth by providing guidance on building a home efficiently and creatively.


The THINKPROP Training Institute, which is based in the Emirates of Abu Dhabi and offers recognized courses and certificates for those interested in working in the real estate sector, is the only institute of its kind in the region.


Source: Zawya

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